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The Cannaisseur Series is a curation of cannabis and exquisite food pairing experiences founded in 2015 by Chef Coreen Carroll and her husband, cannabis entrepreneur Ryan Bush.

What started as a monthly underground pop-up has become an ever-evolving cannabis culinary experience where one can enjoy the full spectrum of the cannabis plant through a gourmet meal made with seasonal ingredients paired with intermezzos of cannabis flower, edibles, and extracts from hand selected purveyors. Small infused bites are served as hors d’oeuvres and coursed meals, using ingredients such as cannabis leaves, terpenes, and an array of cannabinoids, which are paired with flowers provided by local cultivators.

Throughout our events, you will hear from both the chef and the cannabis producers on the passion and process that went into everything you try.

Whether you are a new consumer, just discovering the amazing qualities of cannabis, dipping your toe back in after a long layoff, or an experienced cannabis-lover looking for new ways to consume, you will find our curated events very approachable. By keeping the infused fare to customized low doses of THC, we give you a chance to sample multiple bites with little worry of over-consuming. We are here to guide you in your experience.

At our monthly events, our served courses come infused with the non-psychoactive components of the cannabis plant. Chef Coreen will often infuse dishes with extracted cannabis terpenes, CBD or THCA-only cannabanoids, or ground cannabis leaves which allows for the focus to remain on the food.

At every event, guests are guided through a curated tasting of an array of cannabis flower strains between each course. There is no shortage of flower to consume, but feel comfortable skipping a round or two when you hit peak euphoria. We always serve a multitude of CBD infused items such as CBD water to ensure our guests don’t overconsume and that they have a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Our events usually follow a theme and menu while introducing a wide variety of craft producers from California. We strive to showcase only the highest quality products and ensure that all products are lab tested to ensure potency, quality and consistency.

Monthly event tickets are all-inclusive and each event features mildly infused hors d’oeuvres, drinks, a 4-course chef’s menu or buffet and unlimited sampling of products from curated sponsors. Each guest will take home a gift bag with an array of products tasted throughout the event as well as a few surprises.

Interested in hosting your own cannabis dining experience? See our private services and packages.

We are in compliance with CA Food Safety Rules. All events require guests to be 21+ years-old to attend. Please bring your I.D. with you to each event.


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